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Police - Samu - SOS Médecins

Police cars

Renault 5 Police "pie"

    downtown intervention with this version on basis TL standardized

(May 1983)

  • For the rapid interventions, and interceptions on Motorways, the  police forces also used Alpine Turbo versions.

  • Here, a "pie" version based on Renault 5 TS (after 1980)
  • Renault 5 Lauréate Turbo Gendarmerie.


R5 which was used by the communal police force (= municipal) of Schaerbeek (a little town in the area of Brussels-Belgium).

Emergency Vehicle

                                                                                               body by HEULIEZ


See the description (french)


Police - Samu - SOS Médecins

Véhicule S.o.S. Médecins



Véhicule doctor fire fighter


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