renault 5 Le Car

Le Car Accessories


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>  Exterior

    Luggage rack



    Rear Mudflaps / Chrome exhaust pipe

Rear Mudflaps keep road grime and dirt of Le Car's back.

A Chrome Exhaust Pipe is a Handsome finishing touch.



    Front Mudflaps / Chrome Wheel rings



    Hood Scoop

Competition type black Hood Scoop increases engine compartment air flow while preventing intake of snow or other foreign matter. Reduces heater motor use.



    Door edge & Hand guard

Attracive trim accessories provide protection for these vulnerable surfaces.






    Rear window wiper / washer

Keep the rear window clean. Features washer and wiper system with finger tip on dash control



    Rear window Louvers

Will not interfere with the rear window wiper / washer. Stylish louvers lift up for easy window cleaning.



    Custom body molding


Tough chrome and vinyl moldings protect Le Car's body. Avalaible in serval attractive colors to complement exteriors finish.



    Front Spoiler

Fonction and style. Spoiler adds sports car styling.


>  Interior



  Digital Clock ref 77 11 025 590

The latest in electronic time keeping. Illuminated time display disappears when ignition is turned off, but clock maintains continuous accuracy.



    Air Conditioning ref 77 11 025 180

Specially designed for peak operating efficiency with minimum load for economical gas mileage and power. Fully adjustable cooling controls. Three adjustable air outlets



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