LECTRIC Léopard 953


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What was the Lectric Léopard?

it's was an US Electricar Corp. car



95.30 in.

241.8 cm

Overall lenth

142.00 in.

360.7 cm

Overall width

60.00 in.

152.4 cm

Overall height

53.10 in.

134.87 cm

Ground Clearance

5.50 in.

14 cm

Curb weight

2580 lbs.

1,161 Kg

Cargo volume

4.00 CU. ft.

0.11 m3

Rear seat folded

24.50 cu. ft.

0.11 m3

Motor 48 volt D.C. traction



Brakes-Optional power assist front disc, rear drum.


Front wheel drive

Rack and pinion Steering

Max Speed 50 mph.

distance 50 m/charge.


   1979 Model




By athorization of the owner

   JimM - 1980 Model

    The Leopard Driving Experience

There is no radio, cd player, dvd player or air conditioning, just the wind to cool you down and to listen to as you run your errands on pennies a mile with a big grin on your face as you pass every gas station in town! Driving it is a breeze with no need to be an expert with the clutch as in some gas cars. In fact since the electric motor comes to a complete stop you just need to select a gear and press on the accelerator to take off from a stop sign. Usually second gear is all you need in town with third and fourth for higher speed rural driving. First gear is normally used for hill climbing.

The Leopard has no problem in being used as a dependable daily driver. All lights, horn, brakes, wipers work as designed. It is currently registered in Oregon with a clean Oregon title.


    The charging process is a snap with six independently operated chargers each monitoring the state of a pair of batteries. One common 115VAC 15Amp outlet is all that is needed as a charging source. Three charge rates are available, trickle, normal and rapid and are selected at the start of each charge. When plugged in, the face of each charger can report the percentage of charge of each battery pair allowing you to judge the remaining charging time. Times vary between 6 and 12 hours depending on how far the Leopard has been driven. For example today I drove from home to the tax accountant, Courthouse, back to the tax office, and county park to see the fall colors and took the long way home for a total of 20 something miles. After lunch, without plugging in I drove an additional 5 miles to deliver a package to a friend. On my trip I drove most roads at 25 to 35 mph and at one stretch for two miles I drove at 50Mph. When I plugged it at home the chargers reported that the Interstate batteries were at 65% charge while the 3 year old Trojans were below 20%. Within 10 minutes at 10A normal charge rate all batteries are at 60 to 70% charge. I must add one unexpected experience in driving the Loepard, pedestrians and some animals can't hear you coming so you have to be extra careful around them!




   1980 Model


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By athorization of the owner

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